9 Top Android Music Players You Should Try

9 Top Android Music Players You Should Try

Express your life with Music

Looking for the top android music players would give a pleasure to the users if they find the best one. Music is everything to life. All aspects of life could be shown by music. Music is like a different language of human that expressed by lyrics and tones. Now days, as music spread all over the world and be a part of human life it development in line with this modern era. Music is enjoyed in many accesses like through smart phone.

Express Your Music with 9 Best Music Player Android Applications

Many of the company create music application to provide the demand of human about music. We will give you several top music players use in Android. This app can be downloaded by Smartphone or Tablets. For you who dedicate your life to music would be glad and pleased to have one of these applications. You can enjoy listen your favorite with one of these best music applications written below.

  1. Poweramp gains the top position of the top music player’s use in Android since it is the most popular application of music player in Android. This app has really good intuitive user-interface. You can play with any theme since it serves various themes that appropriate for your taste. You can integrate the lyrics songs and the album. It has ten-band equalizer that will give different amazing sounds, crossfade, playback gapless which means you can do playback without any gap difficulties, really smooth, dynamic arranging and solid customize. Saving your EQ presets would not difficult by this app. This app is just the best to buy for $3.99.
  2. Amazon Music is one of the top applications for music that give you a chance to play locally your stored music. You can create playlist as well as edit it. You can do streaming music with high quality. You can search the latest songs and buy it directly with this app. You can even buy the album of some singers by downloading it without any spectacles.
  3. Rocket Music is one of the top apps that easy to use and easy to apply. You will not find any difficulty searching your music or arranging your favorite list songs. This app use Holo-style IU that gives an elegant look on your screen. The screen looks clean and minimalist with the IU theme. You get a good management list. The home and lock screen widgets are the best features. Tough it has main IU but actually it comes with hundred themes and templates that suitable for you. This app is free download.
  4. Shuttle is a free application. The IU uses Google Play Music card or Android IU that gives a fix control to the lock screen, notification and widgets. You will get a song player with an equalizer. You can play any songs without any gap. Listening Radio FM would be fine with this app. This app tends to be free but if you want to upgrade it for upgrading features also, you only need to pay $0.99. Your interface customizations would go better with tag editing and chrome cast support.
  5. Sensor Music Player is one of the top music players use in Android. This app is easy to use. You can play music while making a playlist. You can add some unique feature on your control option. You can build a sensor on your Smartphone. The sensor has four types, wave over, pocket, hammer, or custom. All of the sensor would give a different sensation for you. This application is for free while the unique sensor system is only available on 30 days active.
  6. PlayerPro is another top music player. This application has hold out for a long time. You can listen to music with a pure sounds as well as music video. Not all music player app would give this benefit but this app gets it. As one of the top android music players, PlayerPro provides a lot of features like scrobbling support, tag editing which means you can edit your song directly from the app, audio effect mixing, 10 graphics equalizer, sleep, gesture mode and many more. You get many options of lock screen widgets that give a quick access. This quick access gives a quick response to lock the function of the music player. You will get a free trial version before get the full paid version.
  7. N7Player is an innovative music player. This app gives a different sensation to the user with the interface it brings and the features complete it. The unique thing of this app is the tag cloud system which will make your favorite artists or songs appear on scrapbook version. This impressive interface would not be found in any general music players. This app also comes with EQ haptic feedback, 5-band equalizer is available, environmental effect, and bass boost and sound virtualization. And this app is free. You will get innovative IU with unique navigation music collection only by downloading this app.
  8. Google Play Music is just one of the top and popular music players choosing by billion people in all over the world. The IU is just stand out with its main orange color. This app gives a bunch of online music catalog that you can use in streaming mode. You can also make a subscription and like your favorite songs. This app can play music on your Android Smartphone library directly while the others can make it. Surely it is syncs with Google account which means you can surface your songs in many device and possibilities.
  9. Equalizer is one of the top android music players. This app would give an equalizer look to the user. This is the main impression of using this app. A different sensation you will get when you use this type. This app provides music player and frequency equalizer. It has 5-band equalizer and 10 equalizer presets. You can set your own preference for you music. You can play with your music taste softly whit this app. The IU is refreshing and vintage that others music player may not have. Features availability on this app is contextual music search, media bass volume control, professional sounds rendering, background player mode and visualize window. This app is free yet gives high pleasure to the users.