Durable Laptops with Best Battery Life

Durable Laptops with Best Battery Life

Durable Laptops with Best Battery LifeLaptop is one of the smallest computers that can be carried out easily. It is because laptop has a light weight as well as a small shape. It is slim and attractive. It is more practical than CPU computers. That is what makes laptop more popular and more attractive for most people. It is appropriate for students, employees, gamers, etc. One of the benefits of laptop is that it can be turned on with battery. So if you want to buy a laptop, you have to know laptops with best battery life.

Why Should You Have a Laptop with Best battery Life?

Battery is one of the most important considerations in buying a laptop. It is because battery has so many functions. If you are a student, you are able to do your homework, your thesis, others even though the electric is off. Even more if your tasks are very important, urgent, and cannot be delayed. Besides that, you can also be free to carry it out anywhere. If your battery is not durable, you need to charge it often and of course it is very disturbing.

Another function of long lasting battery is that you can use your laptop for presentation. In presentation, you will never know what will happen. Sometimes, there are some unexpected things that make your presentation need more time. So, a laptop with durable battery must you have. It will trouble your presentation if your laptop suddenly turned off in the middle of presentation. Many applications that you open also consume much power. So, do not let your activities disturbed by the low battery of your laptop.

Recommended Laptops with Best Battery

Have you ever heard Lenovo ThinkPad X230? It is the laptop with the most durable battery. It offers you some battery options. Six cell battery can make your laptop last in seven hours, whereas the nine cell battery let your laptop last in twelve hours. The most outstanding option is that you can go for the sheet battery that when it is paired with the nine cell battery. It can produce an extremely long lasting battery with twenty hours battery life. It can be said that this is the most perfect laptop. It is appropriate for everyone to do everything.

The next recommended laptop with longest battery life comes from Dell with their Dell XPS 13. There are two types of Dell XPS 13, they are the touch screen and the non-touch screen. What I mean here is the non-touch screen one. It can stay on for twelve hours. Whereas the touch screen one can stay on for about seven and a half hours. Even though Dell XPS 13 battery is not as durable as ThinkPad X230, it is still considered as one of the most durable laptop battery.

Dell really wants to attract the laptop buyer with their strength; that is the laptops with best battery life. It is proven that they also have Dell Latitude E6430 besides Dell XPS 13. Its size is 14 inches, so it has a standard size. Made of strong material, it also becomes one of the strongest laptop. This laptop has a battery that can be durable up to ten hours and thirty five minutes. With more than ten hours battery life, it is not surprising that many people are attracted to this laptop.

The, Asus also involve to compete with the previous laptop mentioned above. They have Asus Zenbook UX305 with its battery life that can touch more than nine hours and a half. Besides that, people are interested in this laptop because it has aluminum body, so it has a light weight. It also look slim that make your laptop more stylish and modern. With the price less than $ 800, it is still affordable.

HP is also one of the laptop producers that often produce laptop with long lasting battery. it can be seen from their product HP Spectre X360 13T. With thirteen inches and touch screen, it belongs to one of the sexiest laptop. You can also transform it into tablet. Its battery durability is a little less than Asus Zenbook UX305 with nine hours and twenty eight minutes. During that time, you are let to enjoy your laptop by opening games, music, browsing, etc. it is priced at about $ 1,000.

Lenovo one again prove that they have the strength on battery durability. They have Lenovo ThinkPad X240. It is made as good as possible so that this laptop can be used for seven hours and forty minutes without charging after fully charged. It also offers another cell battery than can make this laptop more durable. This durable laptop is priced more than $ 1,000. It is around $ 1,060. This laptop is usually used by writers because it has a soft keypad. It makes them enjoy in writing. However, it is also appropriate for anyone.

Finally, Lenovo become the king of laptops with long lasting battery. Lenovo ThinkPad T440S becomes the last laptop what we want to discuss. It has a battery that can back up for long hours. It can be powered with the three cell battery that make this laptop can last more than seven hours. Even more, if you use the optional cell battery with six cell battery, it has double power that makes this laptop durable up to fourteen hours and thirty six minutes. Besides that, it also has an internal battery for additional battery, so the battery can be swapped if it is empty without turning off the laptop. This cool laptop is priced for $ 930 up to$ 1,000.

Laptop is one of our daily needs and battery is one of the most important parts of laptop. So, to support your activity, make sure that you have one of the laptops with best battery life above. Take the considerations on the battery durability, materials, shape, quality and price. The prices are at the average $ 1,000 and some of them is less. So, just make your choice.